U.S. Route 67, TX-FM586 to TX-586 Spur


Location: Hall Ave and 1st St, Bangs

Reassurance shield after the FM 586 junction

Location: Hall Ave and Bell St, Bangs

A few blocks later, we’ll approach Spur 586. This is sort of an odd arrangement- Spur 586 is a quick connector to FM 586, but normally spur connectors are designated as loops and normally they don’t share the number of one of the connecting routes.

Location: Hall Ave and Spur 586, Bangs

Turn right for Spur 586 as we near the edge of Bangs

N to TX-FM1849, S to TX-FM585

E to TX-FM1849, W to TX-FM585

W to TX-FM586

S to TX-586 Spur