U.S. Route 87, TX-78 Bus to TX-FM6


Location: SH 78 and Main St, Lavon

Reassurance shield after the business loop rejoins

Location: SH 78 and Bentley Dr, Lavon

Reassurance shield after some neighborhood street. Somehow we’re still in Lavon

Location: SH 78 and FM 6, Lavon

Junction FM 6 coming up, which you’d follow to get towards Nevada (not the state), and stay straight for 78 towards Farmerville

Location: SH 78 and FM 6, Lavon

Turn right for FM 6 East, stay straight for 78 North. We’ll finally leave Lavon as we clear this intersection

N to TX-78 Bus, S to TX-78 Bus

E to TX-FM1138

S to TX-FM2755