U.S. Route 87, TX-FM179 to US-87 Bus


Location: Lubbock Hwy and Woody St, Lamesa

Reassurance shield after FM 179 as we start to enter the interesting part of town

Location: Lubbock Hwy and 16th St, Lamesa

Another reassurance shield a few blocks later

Location: Lubbock Hwy and 12th St, Lamesa

Get in the right lane to follow 87 Business south, stay straight for 87 south. The two routes will parallel each other within a block of each other through town

Location: Lubbock Hwy and Lynn Ave, Lamesa

Stay straight for 87 Business South/Dallas Ave, bear left for 87 South/Lynn Ave. 87 Business will serve the downtown strip, and 87 will bypass it by a block

S to TX-FM826, N to TX-FM2592

S to TX-FM826

N to TX-FM2592