Wyoming Highway 219, WYO 212 to I-25 Bus/US-85/US-87 Bus


AMP: 1

Location: Yellowstone Rd and Four Mile Rd, Cheyenne

Welcome to  Cheyenne!

AMP: 0

Location; Yellowstone Rd and Central Ave, Cheyenne

Turn right to follow the b usiness loops and US-85 to I-25. Stay straight for the southbound business loops/US-85. Wyoming 219 ends here.

N to WYO 211

S to I-80 Bus/US-30, N to I-25/US-85/US-87/US-87 Bus/WYO 224

N to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-87/US-87 Bus/WYO 224, S to I-80 Bus/US-30

S to I-80 Bus/US-30, N to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-85/WYO 224

W to Hynds Blvd, E to I-80 Bus/US-30