U.S. Route 87, US-87 Bus to TX-FM281


Location: Railroad St and 7th St, Dalhart

Reassurance shield after the business loop rejoins

Location: Railroad St and 10th St, Dalhart

Reassurance shield as we enter Hartley County. We’ll remain in Dalhart, however.

Location: US-87 and FM 281, Hartley Cty

As we head out of Dalhart we’ll come to a junction with FM 281

Location: US-87 and FM 281, Hartley Cty

Turn right for 281 West, which heads back into Dalhart. Turn left for FM 281 East

S to TX-FM807/TX-FM998, N to US-54/US-87 Bus/TX-FM297

N to US-54/US-87 Bus/TX-FM297, S to TX-FM807/TX-FM998

W to US-87 Bus, E to TX-FM807

N to TX-FM281