U.S. Route 75, I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus to US-266


Location: US-62 and Main St, Henryetta

Reassurance shield after the business loops rejoin. Note that US-62 is signed as “North”

Location: US-75 and 6th St, Henryetta

Several blocks later, we’ll come to a junction with US-266. This is the western terminus of the route that heads towards Dewar and Grayson. It eventually goes to Warner, but as a 43 mile long intrastate US route, it is now one of the more pointless ones in the system.

Location: US-75 and 6th St, Henryetta

Turn right for US-266 and 43 miles of US route goodness

N to US-62, S to I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation Tpk

W to I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation Tpk, E to US-75

E to OK-52

W to I-40/US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus, E to I-40/US-62/US-75/Indian Nation Tpk

W to I-40/I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-75 Bus

S to I-40/I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus