U.S. Route 87, I-25 Bus to NM-72


Location: I-25 and 2nd St, Raton

Reassurance shield after the business loop departs

Location: I-25 and Cook Ave,  Raton

Junction SR 72 coming up, which heads east to Folsom. You used to be able to take SR 72 west into Raton, but that was decommissioned. A local road can still do that, though

Location: I-25 and Cook Ave, Raton

Exit for SR 72, which heads east to Folsom

S to I-25/US-64/US-85, N to CO State Line

S to US-64/US-87, N to CO State Line

N to CO State Line, S to US-64/US-87

E to NM-526

S to US-64