U.S. Route 400, KS-27 to CO State Line


Location: US-50 and Mc Dow St, Hamilton Cty

Reassurance shield after the K-27 split as we head out of Syracuse

Location: Coolidge Ave and Oak St, Coolidge

A few miles later and we’ll enter Coolidge, our final Kansas town

Location; Coolidge Ave and Elm St, Coolidge

Reassurance shield as we pass through Coolidge

Location: US-50 at the Colorado State Line, Hamilton Cty

And a couple miles later we’ll head out of Coolidge and leave Kansas. 50/400 will head into Colorado, with 50 crossing the state and 400 randomly ending in about 20 miles in Granada

W to CO-89, E to KS-27

W to CO-89, E to KS-27

N to KS-96, S to US-50/US-400