Interstate 80, I-80 Bus/US-30 to NE State Line


AMP: 401

Location: I-80 and Parsons Blvd, Pine Bluffs

Reassurance shield showing US-30, but US-30 just exited…who knows

AMP: 402

Location: I-80 and Parsons Rd, Pine Bluffs

In half a mile we will have entered Nebraska and we can take Link Route 53B north to US-30, furthering the hypothesis that US-30 runs independently. Nebraska doesn’t put control cities on its link route signs very often, nor does it usually have signage at the gore beyond the standard exit tab, a practice duplicated in Laramie County, WY for some reason

AMP: 402

Location: I-80 at Nebraska State Line, Pine Bluffs

Welcome to Nebraska! (home of a holiday nobody cares about)

E to I-80 Bus/NE-L53B, W to WYO 213/WYO 214

E to WYO 215

E to WYO 215, W to WYO 213/WYO 214