Interstate 80, WYO 213/WYO 214 to I-80 Bus/US-30


AMP: 386

Location: I-80 and Carpenter Rd, Laramie Cty

Reassurance shield after 213/214

AMP: 391

Location: I-80 and Egbert Rd, Laramie

Reassurance shield after an exit with a short route up to Egbert

AMP: 400

Location: I-80 and Parson St, Pine Bluffs

Signage is conflicting throughout Pine Bluffs. What is for sure is that I-80 business runs through Pine Bluffs along Lincoln Highway, connecting to WYO 215, and returning via Nebraska Link 53B. What is unclear is US-30’s routing. It is signed along both mainline I-80 to the L-53B exit and along the Lincoln Highway alignment. The AAHSTO says it splits off here, as does about half the signage, so I’ll go with that. Oddly Nebraska (along which US-30 is almost completely independent) is the one that signs US-30 along the interstate the most in this area

AMP: 401

Location: I-80 and Parsons Rd, Pine Bluffs

In case Wyoming wants to keep people out of Nebraska it directs people to exit here if I-80 is closed

AMP: 401

Location: I-80 and Parsons Rd, Pine Bluffs

US-30 exits and leads to WYO 215. I-80 business is unsigned here but signed along the business loop itself

E to NE State Line, W to WYO 217

E to WYO 215, W to WYO 217

E to WYO 215

E to WYO 215, W to WYO 213/WYO 214

N to WYO 216

S to Carpenter