U.S. Route 6, US-83 to NE-17


Location: W B St and US-83, McCook

Reassurance shield after the US-83 split

Location: US-6 and Federal Ave, Red Willow Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of McCook

Location: US-6 and Chase Ave, Culbertson

Welcome to Culbertson!

Location: US-6 and Tate Ave, Culbertson

Junction N-17 coming up

Location: US-6 and N-17, Culbertson

Turn left for N-17, which heads south into downtown Culbertson and then down to Kansas

W to NE-L44C, E to US-83

W to NE-L44C, E to US-83

S to KS-117/KS State Line

N to NE-23, S to US-6/US-34