U.S. Route 30, NE-L10B to NE-10/NE-44


Location: US-30 and Odessa Rd, Buffalo Cty

Reassurance shield after the Link 10B junction as we head out of unincorporated Odessa

Location: US-30 and Evergreen Rd, Buffalo Cty

Reassurance shield as we make our way towards Kearney

Location: US-30 and 30th Ave, Kearney

Welcome to Kearney! We’re about to approach old Spur 10A, which went up to the Womens Facility

Location: W 24th St and 9th Ave, Kearney

As we pass by University of Nebraska at Kearney, US-30 bears left to continue its trek east into town

Location: W 25th St and 8th Ave, Kearney

Reassurance shield after the zig-zag

Location: 25th Ave and 3rd Ave, Kearney

A few blocks later, we approach a junction with N’s 10 and 44

Location: 25th Ave and 2nd Ave, Kearney

Turn right to follow N-44 down towards I-80, stay straight for 30 east and 10 south, which run concurrent for a bit. Note the use of Iowa-style arrows indicating straight

Location: 25th St and 2nd Ave, Kearney

You’ll also turn left for N-10 north.

E to NE-10, W to NE-L10E

S to US-30, N to NE-40

S to I-80

S to I-80