Interstate 80, NE-370 to NE-50


Location: I-80 and N-370, Sarpy Cty

After the N-370 junction, we come to N-50, another slightly less major route, as we really begin to feel like we’re entering Omaha metro. Right lanes for N-50, left for I-80

Location: I-80 and N-370, Sarpy Cty

Reassurance shield after the N-370 interchange

Location: I-80 and N-50, Sarpy Cty

Exit for Nebraska 50/144th St/West Omaha as we prepare to enter Douglas County

E to I-680/US-275/NE-92, W to NE-31

N to US-275/NE-92, S to NE-370

E to NE-50, W to US-6