Welcome to Wyoming Routes!


I’ll be driving every mile of state highway in Wyoming, but not for another month. Check back frequently for updates as I swing this site into full gear.

I’ll be getting started on the state on January 5th/6th, when I do some sort of drive that involves driving I-80 from the Utah line to Laramie with trailoffs where appropriate/I have time.

Sometime during that week depending on roads I’ll either head down WYO 230 and do US-30/287 near Medicine Hat or head over to Cheyenne and drive as much over there and out Nebraska way as I can. We’ll see.

Wyoming is more complicated then Washington or Oregon in that there is no public video log access for sign mileposts. The plan right now is to take a picture of the milepost after every sign for my reference, and then I can give an approximate milepost. But I won’t have it down to the hundredth of a mile, which is unfortunate, but it does make my life a lot easier.

Once I get a good amount of Wyoming pictures I’ll create a nicer header image then just a brown rectangle.

I’m excited about Wyoming, and the large number of route concurrencies means I have to tackle things in a specific path. I’ve got only two precedents established from previous works, and that’s that I-90 has to be eastbound and US-30 has to be eastbound.

This sets me on a pretty straightforward deal with US highways/Interstate highways. I-90 being east means US 87 needs to be south, which makes I-25 south, which makes US-20 east, which makes US 14/US 16/US 18/US 26 east, which makes US 89/US 287 south (which fits with US-30 being east) and US 85 north (and with that I-180 north). US-30 being east makes I-80 east, which makes US 189 north, which makes US 191 north.

All that combined makes WYO 789 south, which makes US 310 south. So in terms of US and interstate highways, I’ve got a choice on US 212 to go east or west and US 14A to go east or west. I expect US 212 will go west because US 212 west/310 south run concurrent in Montana.

The state route system is…interesting. There’s a lot of weird spur routes and random roads that are little more than ranch access roads. It will be a different experience from Washington, but from what I can tell Wyoming signs its routes well, so that will make it a fun experience.

I should also note that the sheer number of business routes and concurrent business routes is going to be really annoying to make individual pages for.

All in all though, I’m excited for this next stage in my life and in highway photography. Good times ahead.