Montana Highway 2, MT-55 to MT-41


Location: MT-2 and MT-55, Jefferson Cty

Reassurance shield after the 55 split as 2 finally is fully acknowledged again. The stretch of road from here to 41 isn’t technically part of the state highway system though, so there’s no mileposts. It is signed as a state highway and appears to be maintained by¬† MDT, however. Montana is weird.

Location: MT-2 and Pipestone Rd, Jefferson Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later.

Location: MT-2 and MT-41, Jefferson Cty

A few miles after that, we’ll approach Montana 41.

Location: MT-2 and MT-41, Jefferson Cty

Turn left for 41 south to Twin Bridges and Virginia City. Stay straight for 2 west to Butte. 2 picks up the state highway system again as 41 ends, and will be a part of the system for its duration into Butte.

W to S-393, E to MT-55/MT-69

S to MT-55

S to S-422, N to MT-2/MT-69