Montana Highway 2, MT-69/S-359 to MT-55/MT-69


AMP: 5

Location: MT-69 and S-359, Jefferson Cty

No reassurance shield as Montana 2 joins 69.

AMP: 4

Location: MT-69 and Frontage Rd, Jefferson Cty

A mile or so later, we’ll cross under I-90 without interchange.

AMP: 0

Location: Legion Ave and D St, Whitehall

A few miles later, we’ll enter Whitehall.

AMP: 0

Location: Legion Ave and Whitehall St, Whitehall

In downtown Whitehall, we’ll approach Montana 55.

AMP: 0

Location: Legion St and Whitehall Ave, Whitehall

No signage at the itnersection. Turn right for 55 north to I-90 and stay straight for 55 south towards Twin Bridges and 2 west towards Butte. 2 and 55 will concur just to the edge of Whitehall, where 2 will finally split free once again. Montana 69 ends.

W to MT-55, E to I-90

N to S-399

S to MT-2, N to I-90/S-399

N to MT-2/S-359

N to S-399, S to MT-2/MT-55

S to I-90