Montana Highway 2, US-287 to S-359


Location: MT-2 and US-287, Jefferson Cty

Reassurance shield after the 287 split. There’s no mileposts because this isn’t technically a state-system highway, though I believe it is still maintained by MDT as a frontage road or something.

Location: MT-2 and S-359, Jefferson Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach S-359 as it approaches I-90.

Location: MT-2 and S-359, Jefferson Cty

Because this isn’t a state system highway, Montana 2 sort of ceases to exist. It does follow S-359 north, however, so turn right for 359 north/2 west. Turn left for 359 south. 2 will run concurrent with various routes, signed off and on, from here to just west of Whitehall.

  W to I-90, E to US-287

S to US-287, N to I-90

S to S-359, N to MT-2