Montana Highway 2, I-90/S-205 to S-287


AMP: 97

Location: MT-2 and I-90, Gallatin Cty

Reassurance shield as Montana 2 begins. Montana 2 follows the alignment of old US 10 from here to Butte.

AMP: 96

Location: Main St and 2nd Ave, Three Forks

3/4 of a mile later, we’ll enter Three Forks

AMP: 96

Location: Main St and Date St, Three Forks

In downtown Three Forks, we’ll approach Secondary 287, which isn’t signed for fairly obvious reasons. Stay straight for S-287 south to Willow Creek. Keep right on Montana 2 for the more important US-287.

W to US-287

S to Willow Creek

E to S-288/S-346, W to US-287

E to S-286