U.S. Route 12, S-500 to I-94 Bus


AMP: 205

Location: US-12 and S-500, Musselshell Cty

Reassurance shield after the 500 junction.

AMP: 220

Location: US-12 and Sumatra Rd, Sumatra, Rosebud Cty

A few miles after entering Rosebud County, we’ll approach Sumatra, which is so small it doesn’t even appear on the map, and it’s not like the map is terribly cluttered here.

AMP: 229

Location: US-12 and Ingomar Rd, Rosebud Cty

Reassurance shield 9 miles later after the turnoff to Ingomar.

AMP: 270

Location: US-12 and Oak St, Rosebud Cty

A couple dozen miles later, we’ll approach Forsyth and I-94.

AMP: 270

Location: US-12 and Main St, Forsyth

Stay straight to head to I-94, Billings, and Miles City. Turn left for Main Street, which of course isn’t I-94 Business.

AMP: 270

Location: US-12 and Front St, Forsyth

Junction I-94 coming up, but not before we hit the business loop.

AMP: 270

Location: US-12 and Front St, Forsyth

Turn left for Front St, which is I-94 Business. It will concur with US 12 to the I-94 junction a few feet ahead.

E to I-94/I-94 Bus, W to S-310

 W to I-94/US-12, E to I-94/US-12

  N to MT-200