Montana Secondary Highway 357, MT-287 to NF-100


AMP: 0

Location: 1st St and Main St, Alder, Madison Cty

No reassurance shield as 357 begins in Alder.

AMP: 0

Location: S-357 and Virginia St, Madison Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Alder.

AMP: 11

Location: S-357 and Idaho Creek Rd, Madison Cty

11 miles later, we’ll pass by the Ruby River Reservoir and pavement will end. The highway continues, however.

AMP: 13

Location: S-357 and Sweetwater Rd, Madison Cty

A couple miles later, stay straight to follow another unpaved road to Dillon. We’ll want to keep left for the National Forest.

AMP: 23

Location: S-357 and NF-100, Madison Cty

Ten miles later, we’ll enter the National Forest and 357 transitions to NF-100.

S to S-249, N to MT-41