Montana Secondary Highway 471, MT-200 to ID State Line


AMP: 0

Location: S-471 and MT-200, Sanders Cty

Just east of Thompson Falls, Secondary 471 begins. 471 is an unsigned but decent pass over to Idaho and connects to a county road that can connect to I-90 in Idaho. Not a bad way to get to CDA from here.

AMP: 3

Location: S-471 and Clear Creek Rd, Sanders Cty

Turn right for NF-153

AMP: 22

Location: S-471 and NF-9, Sanders Cty

I didn’t get a good picture of the line, stupidly, but now we’re in Idaho. There’s no welcome to Idaho sign or state line sign, just a standard “ENTERING SHOSHONE COUNTY.” The road continues down the mountain, following the CDA River, and joins I-90 in Kingston.

W to S-472, E to S-472