Montana Secondary Highway 487, US-93 to Whitefish Mountain Resort


AMP: 0

Location: Baker Ave and Railway St, Whitefish

No reassurance shield as 487 begins, but we do get this trailblazer to Big Mountain

AMP: 2

Location: Lakeshore Dr and Big Mountain Rd, Flathead Cty

That didn’t come out so well. A couple miles later, turn right to get on the main road up to the ski mountain, which is S-487.

AMP: 2

Location: Big Mountain Rd and Lakeshore Dr, Flathead Cty

No reassurance shield after the turn.

AMP: 7

Location: Big Mountain Rd and Moose Run Dr, Flathead Cty

Five miles later, we’ll approach the Whitefish Mountain Resort at the base of Big Mountain and S-487 ends.

N to S-424, S to MT-40