Montana Secondary Highway 574, Huson to US-93/MT-200


AMP: 10

Location: Frontage Rd and Huson Rd, Missoula Cty

On the north side of the Huson area, S-574 takes over the frontage road. 574 is unsigned for its entire length.

AMP: 6

Location: Frontage Rd and Demer St, Missoula Cty

As we parallel the Frenchtown interchange, turn right to get to I-90 and that interchange. S-263 starts on the other side of I-90, but there’s no connection.

AMP: 0

Location: Waldo Williams Rd and US 93, Missoula Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach US 93 and MT 200 without signage. Turn left for 93 north and 200 west towards Kalispell and right for 93 south and 200 east towards I-90 and Missoula.

N to S-559, S to I-90/S-474

W to S-559, E to I-90/S-474