Interstate 15, I-115/I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus to S-276


AMP: 124

Location: I-15 and I-115, Silver Bow Cty

Reassurance shield as I-115 traffic joins the interstate.

AMP: 123

Location: I-15 and Rocker Gulch Rd, Silver Bow Cty

In a mile, we’ll approach the truck stop haven of Rocker and S-276

AMP: 122

Location: I-15 and Rocker Gulch Rd, Rocker, Silver Bow Cty

Exit for unmarked S-276, which heads north up Rocker Gulch. Stay on 15/90 for Missoula and Idaho Falls.


 S to I-90, N to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus/MT-2

 E to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus/MT-2, W to I-15

 N to Telegraph Gulch Rd

 E to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus

 N to I-115

 E to I-115