Interstate 15, I-15 Bus/US-12/US-287 to S-282/S-518


AMP: 192

Location; I-15 and Prospect Ave, Helena

Reassurance shield after the 287 split.

AMP: 190

Location: I-15 and Saddle Dr, Lewis and Clark Cty

Reassurance shield after the South Helena exit as we head out of Helena and Lewis and Clark County

AMP: 188

Location: I-15 and S-282, Jefferson Cty

As we enter Jefferson County, we’ll approach the Montana City exit

AMP: 187

Location: I-15 and S-282, Jefferson Cty

Exit for S-518, which heads north to East Helena. S-282 also begins at this interchange, and heads south for a few miles before dead ending.

S to MT-69, N to I-15 Bus

S to Blue Sky Heights

N to US-12/US-287

N to S-229

E to S-518, W to S-229

S to S-518, N to I-15 Bus