Thailand Route 11, TH-1114 to TH-12


Location: Route 11 and Route 1114, Noen Kum

Reassurance shield after 1114.

Location: Route 11 and Rd 2030, Din Thong

Turn left for Rd 2030.

Location: Route 11 and Route 12, Wang Thong

Shortly thereafter we’ll approach Route 12, which heads west to Phitsanoluk.

Location: Route 12 and Route 11, Wang Thong

Turn left for 12 west and right for 12 east. 11 north actually joins 12 west into Phitsanoluk.

 N to TH-126, S to TH-115/TH-1115

 W to TH-126, E to TH-2013

 W to TH-1221