Interstate 15, S-365 to S-221/S-379


AMP: 328

Location: I-15 and S-365, Pondera Cty

Reassurance shield after the 365 interchange.

AMP: 321

Location: I-15 and 24 Rd, Teton Cty

Reassurance shield after an interchange a few miles later as we cross into Teton County

AMP: 314

Location: I-15 and S-221, Teton Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach S-221 and S-379.

AMP: 313

Location: I-15 and S-221, Teton Cty

Exit for 221 west into Dutton towards Chouteau. Follow 379 east to nowhere.

S to S-431, N to I-15 Bus

 W to S-220

E to S-225

 W to BradyE to S-225