Idaho State Highway 53, SH-41 to US-95


AMP: 9

Location: SH-53 and SH-41, Rathdrum

Reassurance shield as 53 splits from 41 to continue its trek east.

AMP: 9

Location: SH-53 and Meyer Rd, Kootenai Cty

As we head out of Rathdrum, we’re four miles from US 95

AMP: 14

Location: SH-53 and US 95, Kootenai Cty

On the other side of this bridge, we’ll approach US 95. The supporting signage isn’t here for some reason. Turn right for 95 south towards  CDA and left for 95 north towards Sandpoint. SH-53 ends.

W to SH-41

N to SH-54, S to I-90

S to I-90, N to SH-53