California State Route 43, SR 198/SR 198 Bus to SR 137


APM: 17

Location: SR 43 and SR 198, Kings Cty

Reassurance shield after the 198 junction.

APM: 10

Location: SR 43 and Kansas Ave, Kings Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later.

APM: 3

Location: SR 43 and Otis Ave, Corcoran

A few miles later we’ll enter Corcoran, the greatest city in the world.

APM: 1

Location: SR 43 and Whitley Ave, Kings Cty

As we bypass Corcoran (the greatest city in the world) to the east, we’ll approach SR 137. Turn left in the roundabout for 137 east to Tulare.

 S to SR 46, N to SR 198 Bus

 E to SR 99 Bus

W to SR 198 Bus, E to SR 99

W to SR 43