Interstate 90 Business, I-90 to I-90


AMP: 0

Location: Spokane St and I-90, Post Falls

Reassurance shield as the business loop begins

AMP: 0

Location: Spokane St and Seltice Way, Post Falls

At the light, turn right onto old US 10 to follow the Business Loop to Coeur d’Alene

AMP: 4

Location: Seltice Way and Spokane St, Post Falls

After the turn, the mileposts jump to reflect US 10’s position in the state and we’ll get a reassurance shield hidden behind a bush.

AMP: 5

Location: Seltice Way and Idaho St, Post Falls

Reassurance shield half a mile or so later as we head out of the core of Post Falls.

AMP: 5

Location: Seltice Way and I-90, Post Falls

A quarter mile or so later, turn left for I-90 east towards CDA and Missoula, which I believe makes its debut as a control city here. There is no access to I-90 west. The business loop ends here, but you could keep following Seltice Way through the rest of Post Falls if you wanted, which is perhaps why “Business Loop” is signed as an option.

E to SH-41, W to I-90 Bus

E to I-90 Bus, W to WA State Line