Alaska Route 7, Alaska Marine Hwy to YT-3/BC Int’l Boundary


Location: Lutak Rd at Haines Ferry Terminal, Haines

As the final segment of Alaska 7 begins we’re 44 miles from the Canadian Border.

Location: Front St and Dalton St, Haines

A couple miles later we’ll enter downtown Haines. Turn right in a block for Alaska 7 to Canada.

Location: Front St and Main St, Haines

Turn right for Alaska 7 north.

Location: Main St and Front St, Haines

No reassurance shield after the turn.

Location: Haines Hwy and Sawmill Rd, Haines

39 miles to Canada as we head out of Haines.

Location: Haines Hwy at US Customs, Haines Boro.

Thirty five miles later we’ll pass by U.S. Customs in advance of the border.

Location: Haines Hwy and YT-3, Haines Boro.

As we enter Canada at the pavement change we’re 600 meters from Canadian customs. The Haines Highway continues into British Columbia as Yukon Highway 3.

 N to BC Provincial Line

 S to AK-7, N to AK-98