Mississippi Highway 63, MS-57/MS-594 to MS-57


Location: MS 57 and MS 63, Greene Cty

Reassurance shield as 63 joins 57 and the two routes run one-way concurrent.

Location: MS 57 and Old Hwy 57, Greene Cty

Reassurance shield after an old 57 alignment.

Location: Main St and River St, Leakesville

Shortly thereafter we’ll enter Leakesville.

Location: Main St and Lackey St, Leakesville

Up ahead MS 57 and 63 will split. Follow 63 north to Sand Hill and 57 south to McLain.

Location: Main St and MS 63, Leakesville

Keep right for 63 north and left for 57 south.

 N to MS-42, S to US-98

 S to US-98, N to MS-42

 S to US-98, N to MS-63/MS-594

 S to MS-63, N to MS-42

 E to AL State Line