Mexico Carretera Federal 132, MX-132D to MEX-9


Location: MX-132 and MX-132D, Mpo. Otumba

Free Mexico 132 heads through the Teotihuacan area.

Location: MX-132 and Cll. San Jose Cerro Gordo, Mpo. Otubma

Turn right ahead to head into San Jose Cerro Gordo.

Location: MX-132 and MEX-9, Mpo. Otumba

Keep right for 132 west to the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Keep left to follow Mexico State Highway 9 west towards 132D and CDMX.

 W to MX-132 Libr, E to MX-M40D

 E to MX-132D

 W to MEX-9