U.S. Route 87, MT-19/MT-200 to S-244


AMP: 43

Location: US-87 and Old Hwy 87, Fergus Cty

Reassurance shield after the 200 split as we head out of the Grass Range area

AMP: 21

Location: US-87 and S-244, Musselshell Cty

As we enter Mussellshell County after briefly grazing the southwest corner of Petroleum County, we’ll approach S-244

AMP: 20

Location: US 87 and S-244, Musselshell Cty

Follow 244 northwest back to Winnett. Stay on 87 for Roundup.

AMP: 20

Location: US-87 and S-244, Musselshell  Cty

Turn left for 244. Stay straight for 87 south.

S to US-12, N to US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200 Bus/S-238

N to MT-200

 N to US-191

W to US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200 Bus/S-238, E to S-244