California State Route 99 Business, SR 99 to SR 32



Location: Esplanade and SR 99, Butte Cty

No reassurance shield as the locally-maintained SR 99 Business begins.

Location: Esplanade and Henshaw Ave, Chico

A ways later we’ll enter Chico and there actually is some 99 Business signage in Chico!

Location: Esplanade and East Ave, Chico

Reassurance shield another several blocks later.

Location: Esplanade and 8th Ave, Chico

Reassurance shield after 8th Avenue. We aren’t downtown yet.

Location: Broadway St and 2nd St, Chico

Reassurance shield as we enter the downtown one way grid.

Location: Broadway St and 8th St, Chico

On the south side of downtown we’ll approach SR 32. Turn right for SR 32 west.

Location: Broadway St and 9th St, Chico

A block later, turn left for SR 32 east.

Location: Broadway St and 5th St, Chico

Turn left for SR 32 east.

 S to SR 99

 W to SR 45, E to SR 99

 S to SR 32, N to SR 36