U.S. Route 87, S-564 to S-225


AMP: 26

Location: US 87 and Ferry Rd, Chouteau Cty

Reassurance shield after the Carter Ferry/S-564 junction.

AMP: 10

Location: US-87 and Powerline Rd, Cascade Cty

Reassurance shield about 15 miles later.

AMP: 2

Location: US 87 and Bootlegger Trl, Great Falls

As we enter Great Falls, stay straight on US 87 for I-15, US 89, and Montana 200. At this intersection, turn right for unsigned S-225, which heads north a solid 56 miles without actually intersecting anything important.

  S to US-89/MT-3/MT-200, N to S-386

N to S-379

 N to S-223