U.S. Route 191 Business, US-87/US-191/US-87 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus to US-87/US-87 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus/S-238


AMP: 79

Location: US-87 Business and US-87, Fergus Cty

Reassurance shield as the three business loops split.

AMP: 80

Location: D St and Airport Rd, Lewistown

About a mile later, we’ll enter Lewistown

AMP: 82

Location: Main St and 1st Ave, Lewistown

As we pass through downtown, US 191 Business will prepare to split as the non-191 routes merge back together.

AMP: 82

Location: Main St and 1st Ave, Lewistown

Follow 87 south and 200 east to Billings. Take 87 north, 191 business north, and 200 west towards Malta.

AMP: 82

Location: Main St and 1st Ave, Lewistown

Stay straight for 87 south and 200 east as their business loops end. 191 Business will follow 87 north and 200 west up to US 191, which turned north towards Malta. One can also turn right here for S-238, which follows a dirt road all the way down to Ryegate.

N to US-87/US-191/MT-200

S to MT-19/MT-200, N to US-191/US-191 Bus

N to US-87/US-191/US-191 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus

 W to US-191/US-191 BusE to US-87/MT-19

W to US-87/US-87 Bus/US-191/US-191 Bus/MT-200

 S to S-466

 S to S-237N to US-191/MT-3

 N to S-237, S to US-87/MT-3/MT-200

S to US-87/US-191 Bus/MT-200/MT-200 Bus/S-238

 W to US-191/MT-3E to S-237

E to US-87/US-191/US-87 Bus/US-191 Bus/MT-200/S-238