U.S. Route 89, I-90 Bus to I-90/US-191


Last Driven August 2020

(Historic Photo: August 2013)

AMP: 337

Location: I-90 and I-90 Business, Park Cty

Reassurance shield after the business loop split.

AMP: 335

Location: I-90 and US 89, Park Cty

In two miles, US 89 will split to head south.

AMP: 334

Location: I-90 and US 89, Livingston

In 1 mile, US 89 will split. 89 heads down to Yellowstone and a local road heads north into downtown.

AMP: 333

Location: I-90 and US-89, Livingston

Exit for US 89 south.

S to S-540, N to I-90/US-191

E to US-89, W to I-90 Bus

N to US-89, S to I-90 Bus

E to I-90 Bus, W to I-90 Bus

N to I-90 Bus, S to I-90 Bus

W to S-295