U.S. Route 89, I-15/I-315/I-15 Bus/MT-3 to I-315


AMP: 0

Location: I-15 Business and 14th St, Great Falls

315 is really short and unsigned. As we get off, we approach 14th St, the only exit

AMP: 0

Location: I-15 Bus and 14th St SW, Great Falls

The only reassurance shield along I-315.

AMP: 1

Location: Railroad Ave and 6th St, Great Falls

At 6th St, we come to a stoplight and I-315 ends. The other four routes continue.

 S to I-15 Bus, N to I-15 Bus

 N to US-89/MT-3/MT-200

 S to I-15 Bus

  W to I-15 Bus, E to I-15 Bus

 W to I-15/I-15 Bus/US-89/MT-3/MT-200

 S to S-330, N to I-15 Bus

 E to I-15 Bus/US-89/MT-3/MT-200

 S to I-315

 S to I-315