U.S. Route 5, US-5 Truck to VT-105/VT-105 Truck


Location: Main St and 3rd St, Newport

A few blocks later turn left again to stay on 5 south/105 west.

Location: 3rd St and Main St, Newport

Just after turning left we’ll turn right.

Location: Pleasant St and Highland Ave, Newport

A couple blocks after the right turn, VT 105 will split. Keep right for VT 105 west to VT 100. Keep left for US 5 south and VT 105 Truck west, which run concurrent for a little bit.

 S to US-5 Truck, N to VT-191

 W to VT-100, E to VT-191

 W to VT-100, E to US-5 Truck

 W to US-5 Truck

 S to US-5/VT-105 Truck