U.S. Route 89, I-15 to I-15 Bus


AMP: 290

Location: I-15 and US-89, Cascade Cty

Reassurance shield as US 89 and Montana 200 join I-15. The three routes will concur to Great Falls.

AMP: 286

Location: I-15 and Manchester Rd, Cascade Cty

Reassurance shield after the Manchester Rd interchange.

AMP: 284

Location: I-15 and Vaughn Rd, Cascade Cty

In a mile, we’ll approach the non-state signed highway NW Bypass, which heads over to US 87 and Havre.

AMP: 281

Location: I-15 and Central Ave, Great Falls

After the NW Bypass exit, we’ll approach Business Loop 15

AMP: 280

Location: I-15 and Central Ave, Great Falls

Exit for the I-15 Business Loop.

 S to I-15/I-315/I-15 Bus/MT-3, N to MT-200

 S to I-315/I-15 Bus/US-89/MT-3/MT-200, N to S-431

 W to US-89, E to I-15/I-315/I-15 Bus/MT-3

 S to US-89/MT-3/MT-200

 S to I-15, N to S-431