U.S. Route 89, US-287 to S-408


AMP: 41

Location: Main Ave and Division St, Choteau

Reassurance shield after the 287 junction

AMP: 41

Location: Main St and  1st St SW, Choteau

As we get to the edge of the courthouse circle, you could u-turn to get to US-89 north and Glacier.

AMP: 23

Location: US 89 and 4th Ave N, Fairfield

Several miles later, we’ll enter the town of Fairfield

AMP: 22

Location: Park Way and 2nd Ave S, Fairfield

On the south side of Fairfield, we’ll approach S-408

AMP: 22

Location: Park Way and S-408, Fairfield

As we head out of Fairfield, turn right for 408 west

S to S-431/S-565, N to S-221

W to US-287

S to S-408