California State Route 108, SR 132/SR 99 Bus to SR 219


APM: 22

Location: K St and 9th St, Modesto

No reassurance shield after the 99 Business/132 split.

APM: 22

Location: K St and Needham St, Modesto

A few blocks later, turn right to stay on 108 east.

APM: 23

Location: Needham St and McHenry Ave, Modesto

A block after turning right, SR 108 turns left.

APM: 23

Location: McHenry Ave and Jones St, Modesto

Reassurance shield after the turn.

APM: 24

Location: McHenry Ave and Orangeburg Ave, Modesto

Reassurance shield a few blocks later.

APM: 24

Location: McHenry Ave and Norwegian Ave, Modesto

Reassurance shield another few blocks later.

APM: 27

Location: McHenry Ave and Kierman Ave, Modesto

A few blocks later we’ll approach SR 219, a quick connector back to SR 99. Turn left for 219 west.

 E to SR 120, W to SR 99/SR 132

 W to SR 99

 E to SR 99 BusW to SR 99/SR 108

 S to SR 132N to SR 99