California State Route 132, SR 99/SR 108 to SR 108/SR 99 Bus


APM: 14

Location: L St and 7th St, Modesto

Reassurance shield a block after SR 99 as SR 108 begins.

APM: 14

Location: L St and 9th St, Modesto

Just after that, we’ll approach SR 99 Business. Turn right for 99 Business south/108 east/132 east. Turn left for 99 Business north. SR 108 west traffic is facing us as we enter the one-way grid.

APM: 15

Location: 9th St and K St, Modesto

A block after the turn, SR 108 east splits. Stay straight for 99 Business south/132 east.

 E to SR 99 Bus, W to SR 33

 E to SR 219

 E to SR 219, W to SR 99/SR 132

 S to SR 132N to SR 99

 S to SR 99 BusN to SR 99 Bus

 E to SR 132/SR 99 Bus