Interstate 305, SR 84 to I-5/SR 99


APM: 2

Location: I-80 Bus and Jefferson Blvd, West Sacramento

After the SR 84 interchange, keep left for 305/80 Business/US 50 and right for I-5 as we cross the Sacramento River into Sacramento.


Location: I-80 Bus and I-5, Sacramento

Exit for I-5. SR 99 south joins I-305/I-80 Bus/US 50. SR 99 north follows I-5 north.

 E to I-80 Bus/US-50/SR 51/SR 99, W to I-80/I-80 Bus/US-50

 E to I-305/US-50/SR 51/SR 99, W to I-80/I-305/US-50

 W to I-80/I-305/I-80 Bus, E to I-305/I-80 Bus/SR 51/SR 99

N to I-80, S to SR 12

 S to I-305/I-80 Bus/US-50/SR 51, N to I-80

 N to I-80S to SR 220