Quebec Autoroute 55, QC-138 to QC-A40


Location: A-55 and Rue Notre Dame, Trois-Riveres

Reassurance shield after the R-138 interchange. 155 is no longer an active route along this part of the corridor, though it’s still well signed.

Location: A-55 and A-40, Trois-Riveres

Just after the R-138 interchange we’ll approach Autoroute 40.

Location: A-55 and A-40, Trois-Rivieres

Exit ahead for A-40 east towards downtown Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City.

Location: A-55 and A-40, Trois-Rivieres

A-40 west briefly joins A-55 north.

 N to QC-A40, S to QC-A30

 W to QC-A55, E to QC-157

 E to QC-157, W to QC-A40