Quebec Route 138, QC-A30/QC-132 to QC-207


Location: Boul St-Jean-Baptiste and A-30, Chateauguay

Reassurance shield as 132 joins 138 and we enter Chateauguay.

Location: Boul. St-Jean-Baptiste and Rue Parkview, Chateauguay

Reassurance shield one stoplight later.

Location: R-132 and Blind Ladys Hill Rd, Kahanawake

In a kilometer we’ll approach R-132. Being a native community, Kahnawake is exempt from Quebec’s language requirements and is primarily an Anglophone community.

Location: R-132 and Blind Lady Hill Rd, Kahnawake

Reassurance shield as we pass through Kahnawake.

Location: R-132 and St. Isidore Rd, Kahnawake

Exit for R-207 south.

 E to QC-132, W to QC-205

  E to QC-138, W to QC-205

  S to QC-A30

 E to QC-207, W to QC-205

  E to QC-207, W to QC-205