Interstate 90, I-90 Bus/S-570 to I-90 Bus/US-191


AMP: 306

Location: I-90 and 7th Ave, Bozeman

Reassurance shield after the business loop splits.

AMP: 308

Location: I-90 and Main St, Bozeman

On the east side of Bozeman, we’ll approach Main St, which carries 191 south and I-90 Business.

AMP: 309

Location: I-90 and Main St, Bozeman

Exit for Main St. The business loop rejoins here. US 191 south heads back through Bozeman towards West Yellowstone. US 191 north will join the interstate to Big Timber.

E to I-90 Bus, W to S-412

W to MT-86

N to I-90 Bus, S to MT-86

E to US-191/S-570

W to S-205/S-411, E to I-90 Bus/US-191