Interstate 90, I-15 to MT-55/S-399


AMP: 226

Location: I-90 and I-15, Butte

Reassurance shield after the I-15 split. I-90 won’t concur with another interstate until Wisconsin.


Location: I-90 and Continental Dr, Silver Bow Cty

Reassurance shield after Continental Dr as we head out of Butte and prepare to ascend Homestake Pass.

AMP: 241

Location: I-90 and Pipestone Rd, Jefferson Cty

Reassurance shield after the Pipestone interchange after we cross east of the Great Divide.

AMP: 248

Location: I-90 and MT-55, Jefferson Cty

In a mile, we’ll approach Highway 55, which heads down to Whitehall and connects to Highway 69.

AMP: 249

Location: I-90 and MT-55, Jefferson Cty

Exit for Highway 55, which heads south to Highway 69 in Whitehall. Secondary 399 also exits here and heads north along a mostly unpaved road to Boulder.

E to MT-2/S-359, W to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus/MT-2

S to MT-2/MT-69

N to MT-69

S to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus/MT-2, N to MT-69