Idaho State Highway 46, US-30 to I-84


AMP: 85

Location: Clear Lakes Rd and Broadway St, Buhl

No reassurance shield as 46 begins. This part of 46 was fairly recently extended and isn’t signed at all. The speed limit sign in the background is ITD spec though, so there’s that. As an extension, the highway numbers start at 100 beginning at the old southern terminus and decrease as one moves south.

AMP: 95

Location: 3500 S and 1950 E, Gooding Cty

A few miles later, we’ll enter Gooding County and come to a four way stop. Stay straight for a county road to Jerome. Turn left to continue on unsigned 46 to Wendell.

AMP: 100

Location: SH-46 and I-84, Gooding Cty

Five miles later, we’ll approach I-84 and SH-46 will be signed. Follow 84 east to Twin Falls. Stay straight for Highway 46.

AMP: 100

Location: SH-46 and I-84, Gooding Cty

Follow 84 west to Bliss and Boise. Follow 46 into Wendell, which is just ahead.

N to SH-46 Spur

E to SH-25, W to SH-46 Spur

E to US-93/US-93 Bus, W to I-84 Bus